Feb 8, 2010

B2B: How This New Business Plan Can Increase Your Sales and Profits

Have you ever hoped you didn't have to make cold-calls? I have. Have you ever wanted to quit working in sales? I have. Have you ever waited in front of your prospect's office wishing you had spend more time preparing? I have. What I'm going to tell you may increase your sales 15, 20 even 50 per cent. This comes from my personal experience in sales, hours of reading and sitting in seminars learning how to sell. I was going to charge you money from my precious secrets but –I'm going to give them to you for free.

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Those who are easily shocked please stop reading now
This new business plan ow, here's the catch – some the things here are called These tested methods secured more appointments for me with less calls, turned my sales curve up and made more profits for the company. Before you hit the 'previous page' button would you like to know how the

How direct marketing gets you more meetings with prospects
1. Send your agenda to your prospect in advance to arouse
  • For example, "How to increase your sales using proven ABC method"
  • Use paper letters. Email is too easy to ignore.
  • Sign it personally and address the receiver by his or her name.
  • Personalize the message as much as you can.
  • Add a date and time when you will follow up your letter.
2. Follow-up exactly when you promised and you build trust.
  • Plan your calls into one chunk. For example, on Tuesday morning from 8.30 to 9.00 am. You can make six to eight calls in 30 minutes if you work efficiently from a list.
  • Introduce yourself using only your name, don't mention your company yet. You have time to tell your story at the meeting.
  • Refer immediately to your letter. Tell
  • Ask
3. Avoid selling on the phone.
  • Your job on the phone is to arouse more curiosity to get an appointment with your prospect.
  • Use words like 'free' and 'no commitments,' and give a guarantee that the prospect will find the meeting useful, interesting and profitable.
  • Be prepared to go through your agenda again on the phone in case your prospect hasn't read or doesn't remember it.
4. Set the meeting firmly and .
  • Always have your calendar, notebook and pen with you when calling. You never know what information you will get, be prepared to document it at once. Write, don't trust your memory.
  • Ask for the prospect's email address to send back the confirmation of the meeting.
5. Say 'Thank you' and schedule the meeting to your calendar.
  • Important in person that the meeting suits to your team members as well, if you are working together. Just because your team's virtual calendar is empty doesn't guarantee that they are available.
6. Send in the confirmation with regards.
  • Include .
  • Also include your full contact information.
Eight things to do before the first meeting
  1. Set aside time to prepare useful questions to your prospect. You must have a clear idea of what to say and ask before you enter the meeting (It also calms your nerves and gives you confidence when you know what to do).
  2. Google your prospect's name and the company. You will be surprised how much this little thing can help you to understand them.
  3. Read through the prospect's corporate website. (Brian Tracy says he prints out web site's every page and reads them carefully before meeting the prospect)
  4. Write out your questions and memorize them.
  5. Have at least one back up in paper of every document you need at the meeting.
  6. Print out a map in case your GPS is having a bad day.
  7. Rehearse your pitch in advance.
  8. Always send SMS or call a day before to confirm the meeting. I found that if the prospect was unwilling to arrange an appointment on the phone, it's better to call and confirm. It builds trust. You want a reputation as a fair guy who isn't afraid to confront the prospect. My appointment has never been canceled when I call in and confirm.
How to succeed at the meeting
1. Arrive early. (If it seems that you are going to be late, let your prospect know as soon as you see there is delay. It's only natural that sometimes things like traffic doesn't go your way. Calling in early and saying you are late will earn you more respect than arriving five minutes late without telling so in advance) 2. Memorize everyone's name at the meeting. If you exchange business cards, don't stick in your pocket, instead leave it on the table for at least few minutes and use it for cheating. (International business etiquette may differ) 3. Introduce everyone. 4. Start with a small talk. Don't jump right into your topic even when your prospect ask you to shoot. People like to do business with friends. 5. Try to find out as much as possible about your prospect, the company and their situation before you start giving your pitch. 6. In your presentation, use the information you get from your prospect. This calls for excellent emotional intelligence to tailor your message. The best salespeople are masters at telling you exactly what you need to hear to make the buying decision.
The effective sales presentation
Presenting is a fine art and I will cover the basics in this part. 1. Include the prospect's name and company on the opening slide, if there is only one person at the meeting. When there is more people, use only the company's name. 2. Start by introducing yourself
  • You have 30 to 90 seconds
  • Make a strong promise at once.
  • Your prospect only thinks
  • Be enthusiastic about your topic. It's contagious.
  • Be personal.
  • Give a clear next step, what do you want your prospect to do?
4. Close on time. 5. Ask for the sale.
  • Try to get the decision right away. If you can't, agree when you can follow-up again. How many salesmen leave without asking for the sale? –What a waste of time.
  • Ask for referrals
  • Send in a handwritten 'Thank You' note with a list of reasons why they should choose you.
6. Follow-up on time.
  • Refer to your previous meeting that you agreed to call back today.
  • What ever happens never loose your temper. Remember that every call brings you closer to the sale. Trust to the law of averages.
  • Have fun.

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