Aug 26, 2009

How To Sell Services

Do you know how to sell your service? This skill separates pros from amateurs. The world is full of consultants and experts with tons experience, but people don't buy their services. Why is that? Here are proven techniques on how to sell your service easier and faster than you ever thought it would be possible.

How to package your service to increase sales

Think about "Overnight Delivery" by Fedex for a moment. It is a complicated service with lots of moving parts. It includes steps like wrapping the shipment,
addressing, storage, shipping, storing it again, choosing the right carrier and also delivering to it personally to the receiver. Along with a dozen smaller steps which everyone is vital to make the overnight delivery on time. It is a service with the perfect package. It is easy to buy and you know exactly what you are paying for. How many consultants can say the same?

How to find a name for your service that sells

Use names that have an impact. Instead of "company staff sales training" your coaching service could be "Sales Superstar System" or "Effective Sales Training". Compare "Postal package delivery service" to "Overnight Delivery". You get the idea. Use your imagination. A good name sells itself.

How to sell your service as an investment – not as an expense

Banks are worth studying closely. They are selling only services. Even though banks are very similar to each other, they are doing things well, when it comes to selling. "An investment account with annual 5 % return on your money guaranteed." That's a great sales pitch with a benefit and guarantee. You don't even need to know what happens to your money after you deposit it to your bank, you are only interested in earning your annual 5 %. How cares if they borrow your money to fund oil drilling which pollutes or loan money to companies involved in child labor, to most of the people it doesn't matter, if they get their promised annual gain. You too can sell your service as an investment.

Pretend that you are selling travel services to companies. Here is one way to sell your trip. "A happy worker is more productive after spending a relaxing weekend in the forest camp with his colleagues. The trip costs 5.000 €. With this money you can expect increased productivity. This trip earns you money in gained productivity which means bigger revenue without increasing the number of your employees." (You should have some data and research to proof your claim and to convince your prospect.) I don't know any executive who wouldn't be interested in getting more results without having had to take the trouble of recruiting new people.

How to sell your service as a way to reduce costs

This is another example with the same travel service, now it is a way to reduce costs. Here's the sales pitch: "When you spend 5,000 € to this trip you will actually save 10,000 € during this year, when your staff will be less days off as sick" (Again, you need proofs like research statistics to back up your promise. The key is to find the way to your customers soft spot, like reduced costs.)

Three Steps To Success in Selling Services

The successful sales formula is very simple. Here is what to do, when you are trying to sell your service to your customer.

1 Ask questions.

2 Listen to the answers.

3 After steps one and two: offer a tailored service to solve your customers problem.

In B2B sales, there are only two ways to make the sale

Your product increases revenue.


Your product reduces costs.

Good luck with your sales pitch. Stay tuned for more information about sales, marketing and advertising.
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