Aug 11, 2009

The Robot People

Look around you where you live. How many people do you see who look happy?

How many kids do you know who wanted to work as a supermarket cash register with grumpy face on? How many waiters have you seen with the same attitude? Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that working in a supermarket or restaurant is bad. Not at all, but doing something you hate to do is bad. It's bad for you, and bad for everyone around you.

It always strikes me to see someone who is truly passionate about his or her work. That person has figured out how to be happy while living.
They are people who are glowing and full of energy. For them anything is possible. For the most people it is not a same. They are too busy working rather than to chase any dreams or dedicate themselves to something important.

Why is finding something that you love too much asked?

Because it is easier to blame others than trying to change things, I also will start to point fingers now. Whose fault is it that we don't know how to find something we would love to do?
We are too busy doing everything else. Too busy doing what, may I ask? And for what for? So we wouldn't have to work? That takes on average 40 years to happen if you are betting your retirement plan. Then you are free to do whatever you want. With whatever health you might have left.

What does it do to you to work 40 years on something that you despise or don't like? Again, we all have met these people. They are a sad sight. It's like all life has been sucked out from the person. The only thing left is that empty shell which occasionally tries to imitate sounds and actions of a human. What sets them free is a weekend. Then they can escape from their caves just a little bit. Until Monday comes and robot mode has to be switched on again.

Does it really have to be like that?

For the most people answer seems to be yes. Dreaming is not allowed. Dreaming used to be fun but then you grow up. Now, you have responsibilities. You have kids. You have a mortgage and marriage. I say don't buy into those excuses. You can still have all that and love what you do. Or if you can't then what is the point of living? Weekends?

Hanoi Rocks said it best in their song "Hypermobile":

I can’t stand to stand in lines

Red tape just blows my mind
These robot people just ain’t my kind

To listen the song from YouTube click here.

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