Sep 6, 2010

Wanted: Freelancer copywriting projects

Would you like an experienced freelancer direct marketing copywriter to have look at your web site, sales letters, ads or brochures and give you ideas how to improve them – for free?

Look no further, because I’m ready to give you an honest opinion on how I would increase your sales. In my previous job at AdEffie Inc Oy, Finnish online ad network, I saw over half billion online banner ads and their direct impact to sales – or lack of impact, which was often the case, too.

I know what works in online and offline advertising. If you would like me to have a look at your materials in Finnish or English just send me a link to your web site via email timo [at] or attach your files to an email, and I’ll give you comments what you could do to increase your sales and profits today.

There’s no obligation and no strings attached. It won’t cost you a cent. I’ll quickly tell you if I can help to increase your revenues or not.

I have worked with companies from one man web stores to direct marketing giants like Reader’s Digest and Guthy-Renker (Zumba Fitness, TV-Shop and Proactiv).

As you know, you may not be able to meet your customers or the prospect company’s CEO whenever you want, but your letter can. What you say in it makes the difference between a profit and loss.

In early 2010, I did couple of small freelancer projects for Drayton Bird and his associates in London. The late David Ogilvy said: “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”  

Afterwards Drayton give me a flattering testimonial saying: "Timo is one of the most impressive young people I have come across – and I have come across quite a few. He has an exceptional grasp of what this business is about – and also, most unusually, considerable creative talent."

I won’t argue with that.

Now, why not email me a couple of samples of your ads you would like improve, but you don’t know how, or you simply don’t have time to do it yourself? I don’t blame you. But please hurry as my calendar is also getting fatter every day. I can only handle very few new freelance clients.

I’m based in Helsinki, Finland in case you want to meet me in person. You can email me at timo [at]

Why not do it right now before you do anything else?

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