Oct 5, 2009

Top 5 Advertising Agencies in Tampere, Finland

Be a judge. Are these really the top 5 advertising agencies in Tampere? Which ones do you think deserve to be on this list?

1. Imageneering

The biggest agency at the moment of these five. Their offices are in Tampere and Helsinki. Serving Business-to-Business clients mostly. They been going through some
lay-offs in 2009. Part of Wordwide Partners agency network. Clients include Finnish heavy-weights such as Cargotec, Metso Automation and Ponsse.

2. Adsek

This advertising agency used to be the most precious agency in Tampere. Adsek is going through serious shape shifting and has been focusing its people to Helsinki. They have been letting go lots of their staff. Clients include big advertisers like Finland's the second largest newspaper Aamulehti and Skoda.

3. Trust Creative Society

One of the most interesting and youngest agencies on this list. Founded by ex-Adsek employees including creative director Jaani Vaahtera and managing director Harri Helén. Trust has a strong focus on Finnish food industry. Today they are working with clients like Unilever, Lignell & Piispanen and Myllyn Paras. Imageneering owns a part of them.

(4.) SSC International Oy 

UPDATED on August 15th 2010: This company has joined to another agency and changed their name to Loiste

SSC Superstar Collective started in 2002 in a small town called Kuopio, Finland. Moved to Tampere in 2004 and has been growing ever since. Currently employees five full-time employees, and half a dozen freelancers. The author of this blog was the creative account director of this agency from May 2009 to December 2009. The agency has a strong knowledge from outdoor sports and active consumers. SSC is trying to grow their strategic know-how and skills in results based advertising. Clients include such names as Vahanen Group, a Finnish giant in the construction engineering, PIRKO, a large education provider in Tampere and Levi Travels in Northern Finland.

5. Mainoskenttä

An agency with a long background serving clients around Tampere. They started 40 years ago. Along with the Finnish ad industry they are trying to re-organize themselves. Mainoskenttä has a long list of clients, however, it's challenging to tell which ones are still active today. Has worked with clients like Abloy, Metsä Tissue and Kemira.

What does your top 5 list look like?

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