Oct 10, 2009

Review: Brian Tracy in Helsinki, Finland

There are so many ways to start writing about Brian Tracy. Here is what I experienced in his sales seminar on October 7th 2009 in Helsinki, Finland.

After having listened his audio books many times over, I thought that he was just going to repeat his notes and mantras. Oh, how wrong I was.

This is only a short recap of the event because I want you to attend one of his seminars as well. It was amazing. The energy Brian Tracy was able create to the audience was incredible. But it wasn't about hype. He is an on-going sales superstar who knows his stuff inside out. You can learn from him so much, whether you are a veteran salesman or a rookie like me who is just starting out.

Brian Tracy spoke his 21st Century Selling seminar in two two-hour sets without having to use notes. The only time when he used notes was to pause and let the audience to stay on board. His speed and drive was very captivating. It was unbelievable to witness something like that.

My highest moment was actually meeting the man and shaking his hand when the seminar ended.

For BT-Finland, who organized the whole event, I want to give special thanks as well. An excellent customer service just like you said, Brian. Thanks Timo and Jari.

And no, this is not a paid message. I'm just sincerely excited about the topic.

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