Oct 29, 2009

Readers Choice: 5 Most Popular Articles From Timo Jäppinen

The picture is from Flickr user joeshlabotnik CC 2.0

Thank You. Sincerely, Thank You. Without you tapping this keyboard would be meaningless. This article here was the 30th article of this blog. It was published on Monday October 19th 2009. To celebrate - here are Timo Jäppinen's Blog: Top 5 articles based on popularity so far. Which ones have you read?

  1. 3 Signals: Why The Future of Advertising is Digital Direct Marketing
  2. 29 Tested Methods: How To Make Your Email Marketing Sell More
  3. One Thing in Advertising That Sells More Than Sex
  4. Top 5 Advertising Agencies in Tampere, Finland
  5. Marketing Lessons From Motörhead

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