Jan 9, 2010

The Mistake Most People Make in Their Social Media Marketing Strategy

Don't confuse action for achievement. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs are just tools for your business. Joining every new service is not the answer. Media and technology will continue to change, but people will not.

The biggest mistake in marketing – and how to avoid it

"You have to be in every platform and social network." I think that is a terrible advice to give. People have social networks for different reasons, for business, friends, hobbies and even family. Soon there will be a social network for left foot leather shoe lovers. It probably exists already, since blogs have become communities for their readers. "Focus" is much better and simpler advice to follow.

According to research, choosing the right media to reach your prospect makes estimated 40 per cent of your success. In the other words, you increase your odds by 40 per cent, when you select the most suitable media for your marketing message. That is something which most people still struggle or refuse to accept.

You may know the theory that today 1 000 true fans is enough to support you, if you pursuit your passion. The same thinking applies to media. Now, you can afford to talk only to people who care about you. And to the people who are in the position to act upon your offer. Ignore the rest. Buying a giant outdoor billboard
for everyone to see doesn't impress anyone, but you. There are cheaper ways to do that...

Instead of aiming 74 different targets at once, choose one target that brings home those 74 together. It is out there. Your job is to find it. Focus.

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