Dec 29, 2011

"Could these 7 simple low-cost marketing tips save your bacon?"

On 27th December 2011 Finnish news site ArcticStartup publish my article about marketing. My topic was how firms could do better while the economy seems to be crashing...

I also sent the article to my somewhat gaga partner Drayton Bird, who emailed this message to his list of thousands:

Here's some Reindeer Wisdom for you
That's a ghastly joke, and I apologise, but the far-flung, if tiny, Bird empire has a fledgling in Finland, with some good advice for you.

About two and a half years ago a bright young man called Timo Jäppinen wrote to me to say two things.

First that some copy I had written was not very good. And second that he had written an alternative.

Well, my copy wasn't too hot, his alternative was better and I was impressed. And since the most valuable commodity in business is talent we're now in business together in Finland.

And if, like me, you think we're all in for a rocky ride, you may find this article very helpful:

Ignore the fact that Timo looks about 15. He's quite a few years older and very knowledgeable. I wish I had his hair. Just some of it.



* * * 

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