Dec 22, 2009

Ad Man's Book Club: December 2009 Choice

Drayton Bird - Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing

Have you ever thought how advertising works? Do you know what makes people buy? Better yet, do you know what kind of advertising makes a person NOT to buy?

Drayton Bird knows. He has worked 45+ years in direct marketing. And he is now sharing his secrets with you.

Drayton Bird's Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing book answers those questions in detail. The book has over 400 pages of facts about marketing. Drayton Bird reveals things I didn't knew was even possible to know, until I read his book.

"Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world"
David Ogilvy

Anyone who reads this book gets an unfair competitive advantage over his or her competitors. At first, I was a little hesitant to even recommend this book publicly. Too much secrets, for far too cheap, I think.

What you can expect from
Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing

This well-written marketing bible belongs to every marketer's bookshelf. Even if you are not closely working with direct marketing this is an investment that will start to pay you interest immediately. Here is why...

1. Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing teaches you what is really possible to achieve in advertising. (Such as response rates of 50 per cent from an ad.)

2. The book teaches you how to communicate better. It teaches you how to sell, write and present your ideas in a way which attracts interest and brings measurable results.

3. After reading the 16 chapters and over 400 pages, you are just starting to understand what direct marketing can really do for your business.

4. Above all, it is fun to read - unlike those dry business school theory books.

Warning: This book is not for everyone

I don't want to over sell this book. If you are serious about marketing you will read it. If not, there are easier books to read. Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing makes you think your marketing efforts again, especially those parts where you spend lots of money and achieve nothing measurable.

At last - give yourself a Christmas gift which is useful.

For more about Drayton Bird, you can visit his blog or educational website.

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