Dec 18, 2009

We Need You To Save Direct Marketing

Once a second rate citizen, today direct marketing is catching up wind. This is all thanks to internet. But something is missing.

Direct marketing needs new talent, new skills and more enthusiasm. We need to attract new people to the industry and fast. Otherwise, it will disappear when more sexier fields such as general and digital advertising agencies are stealing our people.

We have forgotten that we have the power to shift people's expectations. We can shape our own image if we want to. Hell, we are more capable to do it than the general advertising people. We know what works. Now, it's our turn use our own weapons to save ourselves. The question is who is going to do it?

Direct marketing needs heroes. We need you. For too long, grey-haired old guys have dominated the field of direct marketing. No wonder that young people finds our craft boring and uninviting. (This doesn't mean you, Drayton. You are the ageless hero of direct marketing)

We need new thought leaders to fresh up our image. We need younger people. Most people think of spam, junk mail, and pushy telemarketers when you mention words direct marketing to them. I did too, before my eyes opened to its possibilities.

How could we improve our image? A better question is, what should the image of direct marketing be in order to attract young talent? Please comment.

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