Dec 7, 2009

Top 7 Marketing Blogs

Here are the top seven marketing blogs for you to follow.

1. Seth's Blog
A simple, entertaining and educating marketing blog by Seth Godin. A must read for all marketers. His books are also worth checking out. If you don't have time to read lots of blogs, read Seth's Blog (or mine). He publishes new posts every day, seven days a week.

2. Landor: What's up below deck
The world's leading strategic brand and design consultancy's blog. Read the latest design and brand news. Landor has helped to build some of the most beloved brands in the world such as Evian, FedEx and Banana Republic.

3. How To Change The World
Guy Kawasaki's blog, mostly about online business. He become famous from his work at Apple. He is also a founder of several start-ups.

4. Fuel Lines
Information about how to use social media for your new business generation. He focuses to ad agencies, but I can ensure you that his tips are useful for any business if you keep your mind open. The author Michael Gass is a big advocate of blogging. Visit his blog to find out why.

Read what the big boys are reading.

6. Branding Strategy Insider
An excellent blog about branding. This blog keeps it simple. They have lots of interesting guest writers, including Jack Trout, who "owns" Positioning word.

7. The Drayton Bird Blog
Drayton Bird is my favorite author when it comes to direct marketing. He has 45+ years experience from it. You can watch his short video about the future of marketing here. Bird has published four books about direct marketing, including the classic Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing. "Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world." according to David Ogilvy.

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