Aug 29, 2010

Ad Man's Book Club: August 2010 Choice

A Technique for Producing Ideas -
James Webb Young

"James Webb Young is in the tradition of some of our greatest thinkers when he describes the workings of the creative process. He not only makes this point vividly for us but shows us the road to that goal."

–William Bernbach, Former Chairman and CEO, Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB)

This book is a step by step guide for producing ideas for anything. Before I tell you what the steps are, let’s look at the man himself.

James Young Webb is ranked at the 52. of Advetising Age’s Top 100 People of The Century. He is listed higher than Lester Wunderman, Victor O. Schwab and J. Walter Thompson.

James Webb Young build a successful mail-order business after he retired from JWT advertising agency, where he worked as a creative director and vice president.

Five steps to big ideas

1. Gather material about the problem
2. Digest it
3. Let go of the problem
4. An idea will appear
5. Shape the idea

Now, I won’t tell you exactly how the process works because I want you to read James Webb Young’s A Technique for Producing Ideas. The paperback has only 64 pages. It takes less than an hour to read. Amazon sells it for 6.95 $ last time I checked. Order it here.

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