Sep 30, 2009

Ad Man's Book of The Month: September 2009 Choice

Announcing The Grand Opening

Ad Man's Book of The Month Club:
September 2009 Choice

Duane E. Knapp - The Brand Mindset: Five Essential Strategies For Building Brand Advantage Throughout Your Company

This book deserves to be in your bookshelf if you have ever wondered what branding really is, how is it done, and what can you expect as results from it.
The Brand Mindset is a marvelous and a simple book with lots inspirational case-studies. The examples include branding success stories like Starbucks, Whirpool and Hampton Inn just to name few.

The greatest value from The Brand Mindset comes to the reader when learning step-by-step how does branding process work. And how to do it. Duane E. Knapp highly recommends for companies to use an outsider to lead and guide the company through the brand building process. He explains that this way objectivity is guaranteed when you have a brand steward on board, and the best outcome is achieved. I couldn't agree more.

I recommend this book to all people who are working with marketing and advertising. It gives you an excellent understanding about branding concepts, techniques, and of course; results. The Brand Mindset is written during the internet era, so you can expect very accurate examples. Get the book and step to the next level on branding.

Chapter 9: Branding Tools

The last chapter includes 40 pages (!) of branding tools that are ready to use in any company or organization. If you would read
only 40 pages of The Brand Mindset make sure it's the last 40 pages. They are made of pirate gold.

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