Sep 1, 2009

Three Buckets of Branding

All you need to know about branding are these three buckets. When you have fulfilled all of them you are done. You have a brand, a strong brand.

Bucket 1

Your employees are in the first bucket. Your brand is an inspiration to them.

Bucket 2

Your customers goes to the second bucket. Your brand is a promise to your customers.

Bucket 3

The third bucket is for the brand owners. Your brand is a profitable investment to its owners.

Think about branding experts favorite example: Volvo's brand "Safety". It promises customers a safe car to drive, while motivating and giving direction to the whole Volvo organization. At Volvo everyone is working to sharpen their competitive edge - safety. When employees and customers are happy, owners too, are happy.

In branding all three buckets have to be full. Otherwise your brand will not survive competition.

Coming up more about branding and how to do it successfully.

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