Sep 25, 2009

Why Ad Agencies Will Not Take Their Own Medicine?

Why are advertising agencies afraid to be different? We as marketing professionals speak every day to clients about how to differentiate and position yourself, but we ourselves refuse do the same.

Do you think that "creativity" is Unique Selling Proposition for your agency? Think again. How many people in the advertising industry have you met who told you that they are not creative? Please drop me an email if you find one.

How are you special?

Being creative is a standard requirement in this business. It is not something that makes you different. You might be different from a bank teller, but you are not standing out as something special above your competitors in the advertising.

What is there left if everyone is creative?

How about using your creativity? Try burning midnight oil and finding something that your clients will love. Something more than just creativity. Sure, you are in a good company if you feel creative, but so does everyone else.

The power of why

I just met one of the greatest advertising gurus in Finland, who kindly brought me back to Earth during an 1,5 hour coffee with him. He got me thinking little bit harder, rather than just fantasizing how creative I was. Every time told him about something I wanted to do or get in this business he simply asked; why? Why do you want it? Why is it something that your clients should care? Or better yet; Pay? To be honest I'm still pondering with that question.

As always in a creative process answers will come, as long as you keep thinking. When the answer is clear I will share it with you. Until then, try to take some of your own medicine from the bottle that says: "Differentiation".

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