Oct 1, 2009

Marketing Lessons From Motörhead

What can you learn from a rock band called Motörhead? That consistency pays off big time. The consistency is something where all marketers should focus.

How are we going to be around after 10 years? Not just be around, but be the right choice for our customers? It requires consistency. Motörhead is a great example what an attitude of not letting go and sticking with your winners can do. In the long haul they have earned far more than one-hit-wonder artists. How? - By sticking with what they got.

Die-hard customers

Motörhead fans are die-hards, not just kids trying to find something that is cool today. Although Motörhead's consistency and confidence definitely appeals to the younger generation as well.

20 years of success

Here are two clips from Motörhead to prove that consistency rings cashiers harder than chasing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Motörhead - Ace of spades. The single was released in 1980.

Motörhead - Rock out. The song and album was released in 2008.

Do you see any relations in their style between different eras? How much have they changed their success formula during over 20 years of fame?

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