Oct 3, 2009

Economic Crisis: These People Can Save Us

Which one do you think is better? Screwing up because you didn’t know or because you didn’t ask for advice? For a short moment let us focus to people called baby boomers. The generation who were born after the Second World War. The people who made what the Western world is. Yes, you can blame them for all the good and bad things happening today.

Is it their fault?

People who are now in their 60’s are pretty much responsible for everything happening around the globe right now. They started burning oil without considering the environment, they built an economic system that now has crashed, they made Coca-Cola more available around developing countries than pure water. It is not a resume you wish to have when you retire. So does this mean baby boomers have only raped the Earth for the past 60 years?

Can you do this?

Sure, those people have lived life to the fullest when it comes to resources this land had to offer. While doing that they also have created freedom. The freedom to write, to read, to speak, to be what ever you want. What ever you want. A remarkable philosophy. That all men are free. And not just write it down like guys with long wigs did couple hundred years ago, but the baby boomers actually made it happen.

Wipe them out?

When everyone is free to be what they want sometimes things go too far. Mistakes happen. But the funny thing in doing mistakes is that you tend to learn from them. Often the lesson is so valuable that you are glad you made the mistake in the first place. You may even feel privileged to be able to understand it fully after the stumble.

However, it seems that most of us want now, as a next generation, is to clear out the people who have failed. To wipe out 60 years of past failures to start fresh. Before we do just that, consider this:

Is your way the right way?

What do you think happens after the baby boomers are gone? Do you think we are better off? Sure, we can now go on and make our own mistakes and learn from them. Eventually we will be successful because that is the law of cause and effect. Wait a second. Does it really have to be that way? Could we just once learn from other people’s mistakes without having to make the same mistakes again?

What is human?

The seniors advice could be what we need right now, when everything is falling apart economically, ecologically and even socially. Instead of throwing away people who have failed you would give them a second chance. To try again and this time more intelligently. Isn’t a second chance something you would like to get as well the next time when you fail?

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