Jan 31, 2010

Digital Direct Marketing

What is the future of an advertising agency? I see three elements as one: Digital, Direct and Marketing.
These three words have haunted me for years. Today is the time to make sense of them.
Digital. It is impossible to ignore the power of the internet. In Digital Direct Marketing, digital stands for tools and platforms. It tells what you can do – and finally the answer is everything. What you can imagine a computer geek can make it happen on the digital form. Direct. This means discipline in your marketing plans. You refuse to accept anything but results. In direct marketing, you know what works, and you leverage that knowledge to strengthen all your marketing efforts. The goal in direct marketing is to get a response. Direct is a perfect match to digital tools. Marketing. You need brand management, strategy planners and designers to lead digital and direct sides of your agency. In Digital Direct Marketing every part works towards the same goal: to sell, while building the brand image consistently. Ultimately, the brand is a just another tool to sell. Stronger the brand, bigger the sales.
From Advertising to Digital Direct Marketing
I believe advertising agencies should spent more time learning about digital and direct marketing. The biggest losers in this new media boom have been traditional agencies which have refused to adapt more scientific approach to marketing.
However, focusing just to tools like many digital shops do, is not a winning strategy either as technology becomes easier to use every day. I predict that a direct marketing agency with digital tools and strategic know-how will be the killer combination of the next ten years. Does it make sense to you?
What Digital Direct Marketing means to clients?
Sales, accountability and results. Your marketing budget becomes transparent like a glass of water. You know how much your marketing investments are worth. Digital Direct Marketing eliminates guesswork. There is only a sale or no sale.
Digital direct marketing is an ongoing process, where you tune your engine. Testing is the way to improve your cash machine constantly. The internet has made tests and research cheaper than ever before.
Just salesmanship
Advertising is salesmanship in print,” said copywriter John E. Kennedy eighty years ago. Today that definition is still correct if you replace in print to on every media.
Unfortunately, there only a few experts who can increase your sales. Most agency people still live in the print ad world, where you get awards every year based on how artistic your latest campaign was. When you have a space smaller than a matchbox, and a goal to get 1000 people to click the banner and buy from you, your job becomes challenging. You can't rely only on your creative instincts, you need to know how to sell. How many advertising creatives have even tried to sell something in the real life? Not many. One more thing, dear reader, judge the the success of your marketing based on sales, rather than vagueness of brand image and awareness. Everyone knows Saddam Hussein, but you wouldn't buy a car from him. You may also like these related free marketing articles: P.S. If you want to know what really works in digital marketing, check out this brand new book. Click here to claim your FREE copy.

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