Feb 1, 2010

January 2010: Six Surprising Marketing Articles You Should Read

Here is a list of six important articles written around the web in January 2010. I think you will find these links worth visiting.

1. The Drayton Bird Blog: When you stopped laughing about Mr. Exploding Underpants, read this
Okay, this is not about marketing, but it is the most important article of this list. Read it to find out why.

2. Branding Strategy Insider: The Principles of Marketing
FOCVS in marketing

3. Conversation Rate Experts: How we increased the conversion rate of Voices.com by over 400%
Simple and easy tips to increase your website's conversation rate.

4. McKinsey Quarterly: The five attributes of enduring family business
How families manage their businesses profitably.

5. Glazen-Kennedy Insider's Circle: The Easiest Strategy For Getting Referrals For Your Small Business
How to get referrals for any business.

6. Promote Your Ad Agency With Social Media Tools
An excellent example of social media marketing, and a very interesting presentation about brands.

If you find this list interesting or useful, please share.

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