Feb 6, 2010

The Shocking Truth about Online Marketing...

…and why every marketer is a direct marketer today. Plus, a warning.

1. "The internet is direct marketing"

I met an agency head of one of Finland's largest advertising agencies this week, who told me that they don't do direct marketing, but they do online marketing. When I said that the internet follows the same principles as direct marketing, the executive calmly repeated that they don't do direct marketing, because it is "going away."

I guess that agency CEO missed the DMA09 (the world's largest direct marketing conference) where Ford Motors and Domino's Pizza announced that now they too are direct marketers because of its amazing results on the digital world.

When big traditional ad agencies are too busy drawing artistic outdoor billboards, there are more opportunities on the internet for people like you and me.

2. A warning

Ego and underestimating the competition are deadly mistakes in business, but sometimes I just smile when I think about the wonderful future ahead of Digital and Direct Marketing.

Here is to your golden future. If you have time, please check out these two short inspirational videos about the future of advertising.

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