Feb 24, 2010

Beyond The Web 2, 3, and 4.0

It is easy to say that new things like the web grows step-by-step, but I hate to think that technology and human development follows rational steps.

Fifty years ago scientists said you would have a flying car by now and that there wouldn't be diseases like swine flu any more – if technology followed logical steps, but it doesn't. There are countless unexpected things like wars, cut backs in funding, shift in focus, new management with new ideas and alternative solutions to problems.

Do you think that you have to invent A, then B and C, to invent D? Focus and discipline are admirable characteristics, but sometimes they can keep you from reaching your goal. Discipline can make you fall in love with rules rather than help you find a completely new way to solve the problem.

Who says you have to work ten years before you can become a CEO? Jussi Nurmio, Finnish serial entrepreneur said, "the fastest way to become a CEO is to give yourself that title."

This article is for you who is
impatient and in a hurry. Maybe you are too young to match the formal description of a CEO or too old to be a considered as a dynamic reformer. When I told the marketing guru Drayton Bird that I'm in a hurry to get things done because I'm young, he smiled and said something I won't forget, "Timo, when you are old like me you are in a more hurry to get things done."

Do you have time to think like everyone else, or can you find a new solution which breaks the rules others have made for themselves?

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