Feb 4, 2010

How to Create Advertising That Sells on Every Media

Frank Bettger, the author of How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling said, selling is the easiest job in the world if you do it hard. In this article I will focus on how to work smart and create advertising that sells on every media.

When you study classified ads looking for sales people they all emphasize the importance of having the right attitude. I think you have that attitude because you are reading this. However, there is another way to increase sales.

How to create advertising that sells on every media

Here are four common steps of every sales process. These work with advertising as well.

1 Research. When selling in person this means to ask good questions to qualify a prospect as a buyer.

2 Analyze. Listen, think and
do your homework.

3 Solution. Make a personal offer based on the two previous steps.

4 Repeat. Try to improve every step.

Let's look more into number one and two, research and analysis. Get the facts. Read. Take the time to do your homework. To work in advertising and marketing also means to study. Only amateurs offer quick fixes without understanding what is the problem.

Use your clients' products. I have heard an agency head confess to a client that the whole agency staff has never used the product they have been creating advertising. They have had the account for six years.

'Most of them (advertising people) are wannabe artists sitting in offices decorated like kindergartens, and spend most of their time on Facebook rather than solving clients' problems.'

Needless to say, that agency is in trouble today. This gives you a view of the people who work in advertising. Most of them are wannabe artists
sitting in offices decorated like kindergartens, and spend most of their time on Facebook rather than solving clients' problems. The strangest thing is that those agencies may charge hundreds of euros per hour from their client.

You don't know what you don't know

Would you go to a doctor who told you that they haven't read any books on the subject and rely only to their instincts?

Why is that most agencies are filled with people who don't read? 'It limits my creativity,' is often the answer – and they are right. It permits you from making mistakes that have been tested to decrease sales. Such as creating a website that is full of unrelated pictures instead of creating a long copy text which is packed with facts about the product, relevant keywords, and a structure to trigger as many sales as possible.

Why the internet matters in selling

Did you know that over 90 per cent of all sales start from doing an online search? People are looking for facts about your product not "racing games from soap manufacturers."

An old and probably the first documented lesson from direct marketing is that long copy sells more than short copy. Later I will explain to you why.

Drayton Bird: "The most important thing in this business is ..."

According to Drayton Bird, your knowledge is the most important thing in this business. I got the same advice from one of the Finland's greatest admen. If people who work in advertising and marketing are unwilling to study advertising they become rusty nails who start to bend over time. You have no need for rusty nails in your toolkit.

Your education is the most profitable investment you will ever find. In most countries the government even gives you tax deductions if you use money to learning.

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