Nov 12, 2009

Frustrations of a Creative Man

If your chest starts to ache after you have read this, then my goal is achieved. This post is about creativity. Do you know how it feels when you get an idea that makes you unable to stay still? The feeling is so strong that you get an energy overload in your body. You get full of adrenaline. Right now, as I'm writing, that's exactly what I'm experiencing.

The second part:

After you get the rush of adrenaline, you feel either energized or frustrated. Why? - Because either you have managed to do something or you have failed to do something
with your idea. In my case I failed.

An idea came, I tried to deny it at first. Acting like I didn't notice it. It's like that awkward situation when someone is attracted to you and you don't know to tell that you couldn't care less about him or her. That's the kind of awkwardness I was experiencing with my idea. Crazy? You bet. Here is what happened next...

The idea broke through my defense. "Why do I have to defend myself from ideas?", you may ask. The reason is the frustration. An unsatisfactory feeling you get when you can't make your idea to a reality. It's easier to ignore some ideas than go through that emotional roller coaster of excitement, joy, hype and failure. On the other hand it can, of course, lead to an even bigger high: success.

How to deal with frustration

You can only trust to yourself on decisions whether to ignore or accept your ideas as they came. The decision is yours, and yours alone, to make. Unfortunately, both can be painful. When you remember that you are only responsible to yourself, it gets a little easier. You set the bar, not anyone else. You decide if you the idea is good enough and if it fits your purpose. If not; pass along. You will get new and better ones (I hope).

As I was dealing the frustration of having an idea, I called my friend for advice. He told me that creative people tend to get lots of ideas, some suited for you and some not. To me, it just feels like waste to pass good ideas. Why not try to do something to them?

I have five questions for you:
  1. Why people get ideas that are not anywhere near to their goals or purpose in life?
  2. Why aren't those ideas send directly to someone in a position to act upon them?
  3. Should you pass ideas or not?
  4. Why some people are frustrated that they are not creative, while some are frustrated when having to many ideas?
  5. How could we connect those people together?

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