Nov 16, 2009

Direct Marketing: The Quick and Easy To Build Your Email Database

Find out how to build your email database quickly. The idea to this easy email marketing campaign came from David Ogilvy and Facebook. This example is from Estonia.
Here is the creative:
Translation in English: "I will take off my top when 500 subscribes to the free newsletter."
The promise of the headline is irresistible. The copy text gives you also the second reason to sign up: "Sign up to and enter a competition to win an iPod". The copy said you have to be over 18 years to qualify. At that point we weren't sure who was our the most fruitful target group, we only knew it was people over 18 since this was a gaming site. We received 500 subscribers within one week after putting the website up. This was a teaser for our future permission marketing campaign. We didn't do any advertising except that we told a few of our friends about the site. The campaign spread through social media and achieved measurable results.
Where the idea came
I once stumbled upon to a Facebook group called something like this: "When 100.000 members join I will take off my bikinis." There was also a picture of this beautiful girl as that group's avatar. She was posing in very tiny pink bikinis. We had plans to take things little bit further this idea. I remembered another campaign from David Ogilvy's book called "Ogilvy on Advertising". There is on the pages 26-27 three billboard ads from the year 1981 in Paris. Assuming you have read the book, do you know what would have been the next step in our permission marketing campaign? These articles are handpicked for you P.S. You MUST have a good email marketing software to do all this. I recommend THIS one. Just click the link to try it free. No credit card required.

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