Nov 23, 2009

DMA09: How To Promote Direct Marketing Industry

In this year's largest marketing conference, DMA09, attendees were asked for ideas how to reinvent direct marketing industry. DMA09 event was organized by Direct Marketing Association. The participants wrote their ideas on napkins. Ogilvy's re:direct movement which is very actively promoting direct marketing published the ideas here.

I picked the few most interesting ideas for you
  • Make direct marketing as an exclusive industry to attract new talent.
  • Write white papers and articles why direct marketing (DM) is the future of marketing.
  • Different language Direct TV (DRTV), what about Hispanic audience?
  • Think beyond direct mail. Digital is the future.
  • Pro direct marketing speaking series and contents in schools.
  • Change a compensation of direct marketing. Shared risks and rewards.
  • Direct marketing should be environmental friendly.
  • Direct is the personal way to do business.

Now, it's your turn to answer these questions

  1. What would you do to improve direct marketing as an industry?
  2. What could be the way to spread awareness that direct marketing is the golden opportunity of advertising?
  3. What could be a downside for those who miss this marketing opportunity?

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