Mar 11, 2010

100 Marketing Articles: Readers' Top 5

How to tell that the author has problems to write? He lists old posts under a new headline – just like this.

To celebrate the 100th article of this blog, here are readers' top five list based on popularity:
  1. 3 Signals: Why The Future of Advertising is Digital Direct Marketing
  2. Top 5 Advertising Agencies in Tampere, Finland
  3. 29 Tested Advertising Methods: How Make Your Email Marketing Sell More
  4. Digital Direct Marketing
  5. How to Create an Effective Viral Marketing Campaign 1/2

These articles gained special attention on the social media:
  1. Do You Make These Mistakes in Marketing?
  2. How to Create A Website that Sells
  3. B2B: How This New Business Can Increase Your Sales and Profits

PS You can expect less repeats – like this post – and more useful articles in the future. Thank you for reading.

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