Mar 9, 2010

How These Tested Online Advertising Methods Can Increase Your Sales

What is the most important thing in business?

If you ask the question from IBM's former president Thomas Watson Jr. he would say, "Nothing happens in business until something gets sold."

This article shows how you can increase your sales and profits with these tested online advertising methods. Let's start from your banners.

How to design an effective banner ad:
  1. Is it clear?
  2. Does your banner communicate a benefit to the reader?
  3. Does the banner arouse curiosity, instead of telling a whole story?
  4. Does it say, "why should I click?"
  5. Is there a strong call action?
  6. Is the banner consistent with the brand image?
  7. Is there a reason to act now? A deadline for the offer or a gift, for example.
  8. Have you tried customer testimonials in your banner ads?
  9. Do you show pictures of real people in your banners? People are interested in people.
Now you have created a banner that people click. They are on your landing page. The next step is closing the sale.

How to creat
e a landing page that sells
Your goal can be to get your visitor to sign-up to your service, subscribe a newsletter, download a case-study or simply make purchase from your web store. You need to know how to create a
landing page that interests your visitors and makes them act the way you want. Here is how.
  • Make your landing page easy to read. Avoid all unnecessary effects and flashy moving graphics. Get to the point at once. What is it exactly you are selling? According to studies you have less than 10 seconds to capture your visitor's attention or they are gone.
Do you have a quick, easy and simple check-out process? Smooth as silk is the way to online success. Don't ask more than necessary information from your customers to make the sale, especially with consumers. After the first sale you have plenty of time to get to know your customer better.

How to write a landing page copy text that sells
The way to sell is to get read first. Begin your la
nding page copy text with a strong reason to continue reading. Make your landing page interesting. Why should someone read it? The reader thinks, "what's in it for me?" Your job is to answer that question.

Use testimonials. Your landing page is the place to tell the full story. Show real people and let them do the selling for you.

Long copy sells more. Your advertising should overcome every objection why NOT to buy from you. Unlike in print advertising, on the internet your advertising space is unlimited. A hint: make your landing page look like editorial content to increase your sales and readership.

"As much as 40 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned"

Do you suffer from this problem? The visitor has watched your video, read your copy, filled the shopping cart, but hesitates at the last step and leaves your website. It's frustrating, isn't it? What you need is one last push to sweeten the offer and close the sale.

How to create irresistible online offers
"Why should I act now?" Here are four tested ways to get your prospect act.
  • "Limited edition"
  • "Limited supply"
  • "Last time at this price"
  • "Special price for promptness"
More tips how to increase your online sales
1. Use video. It is the third most effective media. The first is a real sales person and the second is telemarketing.

2. Try to collect email addresses from your website's every visitor. Use them for marketing. It is amazing how few websites actually do this. Even if they have the email address, they usually don't use it. According to direct marketing study in the USA, email marketing has return on investment (ROI)
43. It means that for every dollar, euro or rupee you spend to email marketing, it brings back 43 more. Is it a good deal?

3. Excellent technical skills, but poor salesmanship is a common problem on online advertising. Technology is only a fraction of marketing. Now that you have the latest online publishing system, so what? You need someone who understands how to get people respond and buy from you.

4. Consult a direct marketing professional always to guarantee that your online advertising sells as much it should.
Is your copy text reviewed and edited by a professional direct marketer to maximize your sales?

5. Use clear page elements to make navigation easy. Every time you stop me online, I get confused. If I don't now what to do next, I'm gone. Did you know that "back" button is the third most used feature on the web?
Be clear. Clarity above creativity.
And last, don't fall in love with possibilities of this new fascinating tool called the internet. Find always the cheapest and quickest way to make the sale.

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