Mar 19, 2010

AdEffie: How to Advertise for Free and Pay Only for Results

Would you like to know:

  • How to advertise for free to a million Finns online and pay only for results?
  • How to increase your sales and profits today without risk?
  • How to beat your competitors with a secret weapon?

First, I’m going to tell how you can increase your sales without risk.

AdEffie Inc. is an online advertising network that reaches one million Finns and counting.

Advertising in our network is free. You only pay for results, such as sales, new orders or subscriptions.

No results, no charge. Does that sound fair to you?

In the worst case, you get your product and brand in front of a million Finns – for free.

In the best case, well, you do the math. How many customers do you need? How much sales and profits would you like? We can deliver them to you.

Powerful and accurate weapon
We can automatically personalize your ads to make them more effective. For example, people who read a news story about Madonna can see our ads served by our network that advertise Madonna's albums or concert tickets. Relevant and personal? Yes. Effective advertising that sells? You bet.

There are several more ways how to improve your advertising campaign's power and impact, but those secrets are revealed
only to our clients.

Who are the people behind AdEffie Inc.

Our team includes the previous CEO of AOL Finland, Pasi Hokkanen, who is also the founder of portal, and Jari Torvelainen, the previous CEO of advertising agency Viherjuuri, which was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange under the corporate name Evia Oyj.

We have an IT wizard called Joni Seeste, who is the man behind the machine. Joni has extensive professional programming background starting from the time when most people still played Tetris with their computers –if they even knew what a computer was. Mr. Seeste is the chief system architect and leads our IT-team.

I work as the direct marketing specialist of the team and handle new accounts. My job is to make sure that your ad campaign increases your sales and profits.

  • Why is this team important to you? Because our purpose is to combine advertising, media, online and direct marketing expertise to maximize your profits from our online advertising network.

So far, the popularity of AdEffie's pay-for-results (CPA/CPC) advertising model has been outstanding in Finland.

How to increase your sales today
If you have your banners and website ready, you can start advertising in hours. Our system allows you to reach every third online user in Finland at once.

You deliver the advertising material to us and we deliver the customers to you. There are no additional costs or set-up fees if you act now.



Timo Jäppinen

P.S. I urge you to act, because we can only handle a very few new advertisers right now.

P.P.S. Do you know a friend or colleague who wants to advertise for free to a million Finns? Why not share this message with them?


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