Apr 17, 2010

How to Create Responsive Banner Ads

Yesterday I was watching videos from

"Direct marketing is any communication through any medium which reaches people directly, or where they respond directly."

Encouraged by the previous words – here's a part from the book called in it is titled

Testing has confirmed that following guidelines lead to banner ads that get the highest number of clicks:
  • Keep it simple. Too much text, too many graphics, too many colors overload users and discourage them from clicking through.

  • Show people. Banner ads that depict people that users can identify with get higher CTRs (Click-Through-Rate).

  • Use clear qualifying language. The better the copy describes what a site is about, the better qualified the the person clicking through will be.

  • Use a strong call to action. The call-to-click should define the main action(s) prospects are expected to take.

  • Create a sense of urgency. Ask users to click now; no one can click on a banner once it's gone.

  • Use the words "Click here" on the banner. Simple as it sounds, banner with "Click here" consistently pull better than banner ads without.

  • Use color carefully. Look at the sites (if possible) where the banner ad will run and choose colors that will compliment the campaign objective on those sites.

  • Use movement. It draws attention to the ad on an otherwise static page.

  • Think of a banner ad as teaser copy for a Web site. 

  • Use high production values. The cleaner and more professional a banner ad looks, the more credibility it conveys, and the higher the CTR will be.

  • Test, test, test. Test new banner ads, new offers, new calls to action, new approaches, and rich media.
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