Apr 1, 2010

Top 7 Mistakes on Performance Based Online Advertising in Finland and How to Get Them Right

I'm an impatient man. I like to get things done. I quickly try new ways to solve problems. This means I fail a lot – and often. Maybe that's why guys at the office call me "Speedy."

Lately, my biggest concern is performance based online advertising in Finland. You and I are both in a hurry so let's get to it. Here are:

Top seven mistakes on performance based online advertising in Finland and how to get them right

1. Lack of testing. You wouldn't think that anyone spends hundreds of thousands or even millions to something without testing it first. On advertising that often is the case – and the most common reason to failure. The three words that you never see on advertising plans are: a test budget

2. Poor creative work. Cheap and made in hurry by amateurs is too often the case with online advertising. "The internet is free, right?" Wrong. Some companies that do understand that it pays to invest to online marketing, and test new things, get bigger revenues every day as more business is done on the web.

3. No clear plan. How do you measure your success? When will you review your ads? How often will you test new creative work? Online advertising doesn't work like print, on the web you can change, test and edit your advertising as you go. But above all, have a consistent plan to do so and your advertising will never stop improving.

4. Poor offer. How often have you clicked on a banner or a link just to find out that the offer is just hot air without value? One version of the offer is not enough. You need to try with different versions and call-to-actions to know what works. If you haven't tested other offers how do you know if the performance based online advertising really works or doesn't work with your product?

5. Short vague copy text. Is your text precise, clear and tangible? Would your grand mother understand it? You need to overcome every objection in your copy text to make the sale. It's not an accident that Amazon.com uses long, precise copy. They use it because according to tests, it sells more.

6. Lack of direct marketing expertise. If your advertising agency haven't done any direct-response advertising how do you expect them to make people RESPOND to your online advertising? Use professional direct marketers and pay them enough because it will be in a direct proposition to the results you get. Jack Trout said it best, "You can't save yourself to success."

7. No written goals. "More sales" is hardly a goal. It's a wish. A five thousand registered customers before June 2010 is a clear and measurable goal. I have come to think that lack of goals is because people are afraid that they won't be able achieve them. Remember what Leo Burnett, the founder of one of the world's largest ad agencies and the father of Marlboro Man, said "When you reach for the stars you may not get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either."

 - What would you add to this list?

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