Jun 24, 2010

Ad Man's Book Club: June 2010 Choice

How to Write a Good Advertisement
- Victor O. Schwab

I was skeptical about this book for months. Its green cover with a weird picture of an old computer keeps showing up if you browse advertising books on Amazon. I didn't think the book had much to offer. How wrong I was...

The author Victor Schwab worked 44 years in advertising. He is a hardened mail order man who counted sales from every direct-response ad he wrote.

Besides selling products for millions of dollars, he documented what worked and what didn't work in advertising. Schwab doesn't guess, he knows, thanks to the scientific methods of testing every element of the ads he created.

One time reading is a mere scratch on the surface of this 224 page book. The best way to read it, is to enjoy it bit by bit and let the information sink in slowly. There is simply too much cake for one sitting.

How to Write a Good Advertisement includes:

-List of 100 headlines proven to sell
-Psychological backgrounds of common buyer types and how you can influence them

-It answers whether negative or positive tone works better
-You learn the eight milestones to a sale
-How to design effective layouts
-And much more...

Curiously, the real secret of the author's success in advertising was to work harder than his peers. Victor Schwab openly suggest to his readers to do the same, if they also want to get ahead in their careers. My advice to get started on that path is to read the book.

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