Nov 21, 2009

What Does A Dead LinkedIn Account Tell About You...

You have seen them, haven't you? I'm talking about dead LinkedIn accounts. You were doing a Google search of a person. Naturally, you landed on their LinkedIn profile... "Wait a minute. Can this be right?"

How to recognize a dead LinkedIn account

Beware when you see these characteristics of a dead LinkedIn account
  • Less than ten connections
  • One or two positions as an employment history
  • No avatar picture
  • Short or no summary of skills
  • LinkedIn URL is not personalized like instead it's only something like this
  • No links
  • No applications
  • No recommendations
  • No groups
  • The last status update was made: A. Never B. Over 90 days ago.

What does a dead LinkedIn account tell about its owner

  1. The person is not very active internet user in general.
  2. He or she gets excited easily about new fads. Probably has a Twitter account by now, which is dead as well.
  3. The person doesn't really understand social media. Being part of every available service doesn't increase sales or awareness of you or your product.
  4. The owner of the dead LinkedIn account is only interested in themselves. Otherwise, why not just delete the account rather than let it misinform people searching you?
  5. He or she doesn't consider the internet as a major force in business, rather thinks it's just something you "have to" be part of.
  6. They don't want to be part of the web.
  7. If it would be up to them, we wouldn't have this new and confusing technology which requires different approach than before. The information Age asks for participation, communication and transparency from us all.

This was a heavy judgment on people who are only being natural, when avoiding change. Unfortunately, you can't hide laziness online. It's what old teen disco poster said: "Be There or Be Square".
The same is true online. Nothing has changed.

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